Hi Tony,

Below is my testimonial for ANREPS.......


who would've thought selling your home yourself could be so easy?

My cousin and I sold it ourselves with the help of ANREPS - they were there if we had any queries.

It wasn't too much effort, we saved mega $$$ (no agents fees) and learned a lot along the way. 

we will certainly consider ANREPS for any future home sales or purchases.


thank you all,

Anita & Lyn


There was a recent comment on the news or Today Tonight about selling your own home and saving substantial costs.

There is a very good service in Perth which assisted me in selling my home this year. The property had been on the market for 6 months with two agents without any luck. I decided to sell the property myself and sold in less than a month working with ANREP Private Sale in Manning Road. The property settlement is final from start to finish and I am happy. 
ANREPS  list the property on all the key website on your behalf and provide the key paperwork and instructions for a set charge which is less than 10% of what an agent would charge to sell your property. The advantage is that they are in Perth. You can go and discuss things like price and strategies with them as part of the fixed price. Each week you email your home open times and they update the websites. 
We signed the sale document in their office as the purchaser was from overseas and a first buyer and wanted the paperwork explained.
My sale was a strata sale which is more complex and they helped me through the process. Tony Wiles the owner of ANREPS spent a lot of time with the buyers explaining the process at no extra cost to me.
If I sell again I would choose a WA listing agent like ANREPS in preference to the national web based sales sites. The owner knows more about the property than anyone else so why use an agent who gives 45 minutes per weeks at a high cost?
Don Wilmshurst.

7 Kilkenny Loop Brookdale

I want to say thank you again Tony. It was really easy and am proud to say this was my 3rd property sold over the years privately. Very re-assuring to have you on hand in case I have any questions (and I did) and it was all done & dusted in a fairly quick process. Thanks again. Debra Dunlea

I have just recently sold my property, a private sale, through Anreps and am absolutely thrilled and completely satisfied with the entire process and my selling price! 

If you are reading these testimonials to Anreps, I would like to say they are all so accurate!  So firstly, be reassured if you are thinking of selling your property and a private sale, as I did, that it is completely achievable!

I like many, was hesitant to sell privately and was all ready to go through a real estate agent when my strata manager suggested Anreps.  After looking at Tony's’ videos and reading all the information it started to feel possible.

Tony was initially very helpful when I spoke with him and after careful consideration with my partner, I felt nervous but eager to ‘give it a go!’  I felt I always had Tony as a back up to sell my property if it all go too hard!  But guess what, it didn’t!   

I signed up, received the ‘information kit’ via email and from the first ‘Home Open’, it was 10 days later and I had a signed contract sitting in front of me, with a happy buyer and a very happy seller!  Tony happily saying to me later on the phone, “see, that wasn’t too hard.” 

Now, here comes the most important part if you are selling privately and naturally wanting the success that myself and many others have had.  There are a couple of golden rules to the success you wish to achieve and if you follow them, as I did, I am confident you will achieve that success in selling your own property and hopefully find it a rewarding and uplifting experience.  I know I sure did. 

1. Be prepared to do exactly what the invaluable information kit tells you.  Tony and his team have had many years of experience and know what they are talking about, read it thoroughly, you will not be doing yourself any favours if you choose not to.  

You may be thinking ‘you haven’t got time,’ or it’s not really necessary?  It is and it pays off. I say this because it does involve a huge amount of reading and yes, I was a little daunted by it at first but was determined to stick with it because I wanted that success.  

Little by little it fell into place, with Tony’s reassurance when I rang up to query something.  The kit provides you with everything you need to know, equips you with knowledge and enables you feel confident and ultimately give you a fantastic result, just like me.

2. It is crucial to do your homework with getting your selling price ‘right.’  I did a lot of research on the internet looking and comparing similar properties in my area, so I felt confident that my asking price was within market value. 

The ‘negotiation strategies’ in the information kit were invaluable and gave me the confidence I required to then achieve a selling price that both my buyer and I were happy with. A real ‘win win’ scenario! 

Tony and Dorothy were always very pleasant and willing to talk to me with clarification or questions I needed to ask and I thank them so much for this.  They are very professional and  have a genuine interest in their clients.

So after following the golden rules, the big day had arrived, my first Home Open and suddenly a sense of calm and quiet confidence came over me as I greeted my first prospective buyer at the front door.  

I felt prepared.  This  made the whole selling process much more enjoyable and certainly would not have been the case if I did not have the backing of Anreps.

Thank you so much to Tony and Dorothy and all the Anreps team for making this possible! 

Barbara Brewerton. Falcon 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ANREPS especially Rebecca.

We had the pleasure of undertaking a sale (Bluebell) and a purchase (Carawatha) with ANREPS and Rebecca made both of these transactions happen and really looked after us, guided us and kept us mentally together through the ups and downs.

Rebecca was always contactable and responded to any of our request fast and very efficiently and even worked for us on her days off when she was meant to be having time off to spend with her family. Rebecca was always very organised, punctual, very well presented.

 We would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca and ANREPS to anybody wanting to Sell or Buy.

Glen & Bec


Our experience of using Anreps has been second to none in probably one of the most stressful processes of selling and buying a house at the same time. This wouldn't have been achievable without the help of Rebecca who was available pretty much any time I had to call with a question or query, during work or after work hours. 

Rebecca always put our interests first and made sure that the whole process was seamless. 

There is no hesitation in saying that if/when we decide to sell and buy again that we will be using the service of Anreps and more importantly, requesting that Rebecca looks after our case

Kind regards
Richard Jose. Como

Hi Rebecca                  

There are so many positive things I can comment on about your service. You were so approachable from the minute we met at the home open, whilst also not being pushy or following us around the house like some agents like to do.  Your communication skills are above and beyond most other agents, whilst always clear and concise, I don’t think we waited more than 30 minutes for a reply from you at any stage throughout the process of us buying the house. I also always felt you were doing what was best for all parties involved.

I would most definitely use your services again , should we want another property and also recommend you to family and friends.  An honest and friendly agent that is a rare find in a sale environment.

 Thanks again for all your help, we are in love with our home. Gem Lawton

Rebecca's knowledge in all things real estate is 1st class. If there is anything she does not know she endeavours to source all the answers. Nothing is too much trouble

I would definitely recommend Rebecca to friends and family as an agent to sell their home. She is efficient and gives 110% to bringing the best results 

Judy Becker formally of Rome Rd Melville

31 Jedda Rd Balcatta

Well it wasn't that hard. Just opened up the house a couple of hours a week. No hard sell. There it is baby. Either they like it or they don't. Trevor Gibson.  Balcatta


Hugo St Stirling

We sold our first home 10 years ago through ANREPS private sell. We had such a good experience, having multiple offers at our first home open and selling for above asking price, that when it came to selling our next property, we thought we'd have a go ourselves again. Of course, you're not really by yourselves..... Tony gives you all the tools and tips you need to succeed and get a great result. 

I'd recommend a private sell using ANREPS to anyone wanting to be in control of the sale process. 

This time it took just slightly longer ..... 4 weeks, but got the price we were very happy with and it really was very easy. 

Thanks to Tony for the service. We will definitely use ANREPS when it's time to sell again. 

Clare and Travis Foster. 

Dear Dorothy,

Thank you for all those years your helps and services you provided to us!! We're much appreciated. Is not sad at all because we're so blessed to met you and Tony! I'm pretty sure in the future, if I need a real estate agent you will be the first to look for and highly recommended to all my friends and family as well.

May God continue bless your business, give you strength, wisdom and joy. Love to see you and Tony again sometime.

God Bless,

Jenny & Edward

Kingsward International Trading

Tony. The day I walked through your doors I can only say that yourself and the staff were extremely helpful.   You promptly returned my calls and cheerfully answered my queries and made the selling of my property a relatively easy process.  The package you supplied to enable selling privately was easy to follow and I would have no problem in dealing with ANREPS for all real estate business.

Thanks again.   Brendan Redfern

Thanks. Your booklet actually help me to stand on the ground and help me with the negotiation. Very clear and simple to understand. I will contact you again one of these days  when I got another house to sell. Thank you once again.

Connie Di Nardo

Hi Tony, Sorry it has been so long, but I wish to thank you all for the help we received in selling Cassard Court. It was most appreciated. Now we are going to sell Barry's house in Kalgoorlie but will put it in the hands of an agent, regretfully. If we weren't going overseas maybe we would do it ourselves, but the distance doesn't help, and who wants to spend time up there? We have just returned from an unscheduled  week up there cleaning up after a recalcitrant non-paying tenant. Time to get rid of it.

Have a great Easter break, don't eat too much chocolate, and do a few things you don't usually have time to do.

We are off on our next big adventure midMay - so looking forward to it!

Cheers,  Trish and Barry Hull

Delisle St Balingup

To Tony, Dorothy and Sean, my sincere appreciation and thanks to you all. You're a great team doing a fabulous job. Tony, your assistance throughout the whole sales process of my “ Bliss” business, home and property, gave me the courage and belief that I could go down that path and sell privately.

Thank you. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending you, your team, and the sell yourself concept. In appreciation Tanya Avard. Balingup

Tony. Thanks you very much for all your help and advice with the selling of our unit.  You were always there for me to answer my “stupid” questions no matter what time and your responses to emails were very prompt,  and this made the selling process so much easier.. This was the first time we had attempted this and with all the info you sent thru it was made so much easier.  Would highly recommend your company to anyone considering selling privately.     Thanks again, Maria

Hi Tony. I am now very happily ensconced in my new house in Broadwater. I am looking to purchase a property in Busselton for Mum and was wondering if you know of any for sale Just thought it was worth an ask. Please could you give me the name of the ant baits you used. I have a bit of an ant problem at the moment on the outside of my house.

You helped me to successfully sell my house in High Wycombe. Regards Mandy

Thanks Tony, loving the jokes at this special time of year. Thank you for all your support & backup during the selling of our property, it's always nice to know you are there to call on & your support week to week with all your selling tips it's great. I highly recommend you to everyone I know who is thinking of selling.

Happy Christmas & hopefully the reindeer don't get into that whiskey that I gave Santa to pass onto you!

Donna Martin

WOW. How easy was that!   My experience with Anreps has been excellent. They provided me with all the tools I needed to sell my home. The proof as they say is “in the pudding”. Sold in 14 days BOOM !

Tony is one of the nicest people I have met, he is old fashioned customer service epitomised. Held our hand through the whole thing, put us at ease and made us laugh ( a lot ), a laid back gentleman that has his clients’ interests at the forefront.

If you’re thinking about selling your home yourself  - DO IT !!! We saved nearly 30k. We are so happy.

Tony, thank you again, you have been just wonderful, hard to find this kind of service nowadays. If we hadn’t been able to sell it I still would have given it to you to sell. You made it all very easy. I read through everything you provided and followed it like a template. Easy.   Thanks again

Suna Cavanagh

ANREPS was suggested to me by a real estate agent who felt that I had the wherewithal to handle the sale of my own home. I was amazed from the start that I spoke directly to Tony Wiles on my first contact and came away feeling with all that support, yes, I can do this! Lots of reading in the support packages but the background information supplied by ANREPS, the encouragement, the magnificent twilight shoot and I was away. I paid attention to detail inside my house and to the gardens and this definitely helped sell the house. I was lucky and sold in a week but being able to be on hand and answer the buyers questions was the bonus!      Pamela M

Hi Tony, Just to let you know settlement went through today on the Unit, I would like to thank you for the expert assistance along the way! I will definitely be back in the future if I need to sell another property! Dan Raine

Hi Tony. Things are going along nicely with the sale of my house. Settlement is on Monday 28th Oct. I have bought a 3 x 2 neat house in Broadwater. Unfortunately my broker failed me badly which means I need to move my "stuff" into storage and couch surf for a few weeks. There are tenants in the house and because of the delay in finance approval, due to broker, I will have to wait a few weeks. But it will all work out in the end. I would not hesitate to sell my own house in the future due to the support I got from you. Thanks Tony. Mandy

Hi Tony I think testimonials are very important, because I always check them out from others (when I can) because whoever I’m going to give my business to I want to be pretty good. So after reading what others said on your website John and I decided to have a go at a private sale.

As john said we hated the idea of having to pay an agent as much as we would a brain surgeon. In fact I disliked agents. Yes, I was one of those that hated agents. You have changed that all around for us. We found one we could trust. So perhaps there are more out there. You really made selling easy, informative and fun. We think your program is clear and easy to follow. It led us all the way to success. The best bit is, we did better than our asking price and the money is in the bank. Thank you! We couldn’t be happier.

What you say is what you do and then some. You seem to know everything about real estate. Your instructions on how to negotiate are so easy to follow. I never expected the information that kept me up to date to be waiting for me in my email box and I loved the funnies you sent every now and then. Please tell your staff how much we appreciated their help. Many thanks to all the other people that have sent you testimonials. They brought us to you and we’ll be back next time. Regards Charlotte and John

Dear Tony                                                              

Hope you have been well. Its been nearly a month since our house has settled.  I would like to thank yourself firstly for being so helpful.  The service I received from Anreps was outstanding.  I tell everyone I know how easy it is, and the money you save!  We will use Anreps in the future. Once again Thank you Tony. Regards Tracey........Barragup

This is the second home that we have sold privately. The first time we used the services of an eastern states based real estate agent. This time with ANREPS was so much better. All the paperwork complied with local legislation and all Tony's advice was based on local market knowledge.

We sold our house for the price we wanted and saved thousands on commission. The coaching that we received from Tony along the way was very helpful especially when we were a few months into it and starting to feel despondent which helped us to keep going and not give up.

We would, and have, recommended ANREPS to anyone who is thinking of selling their own home.  Maryann and Tony Fabling

Firstly let me thank you Tony, for the personal service you provide and the confidence you nurture in people like myself, wanting to sell their own home. In going through the process I always felt that if anything came up, that I wasn’t comfortable about, I could contact you at anytime. It was really appreciated. The good news is that contracts were exchanged yesterday and monies are now in my account.

Patricia Mason

Hi Tony

Settlement has gone through and all keys handed over.

Thank you very much for your work on the listings and advice which assisted us in ensuring that the contract documentation and home opens were effective in getting this sale completed.

We have made suggestions on the use of Anreps to other family members and may have another listing for sale in the Belmont area early in the new year.



 We can't speak highly enough of Team ANREPS. A great service and very professional personnel. Our house as presented had 3 offers before the first open , so the result was the property went for a lot more than the asking price.  Well done.                                                   All the very best from Allen and Julie Johnson.

 " This is our third house we have sold. We have always found her to be professional, dedicated, helpful and always at hand, we almost forgot she has other places to sell. We would and have highly recommend her when looking at selling a property. "     Erren and Greg Payne


 You are amazing. We truly appreciate all your help and commitment and vitality and energy. Zar and Amy

Sent by text from Zareen's phone

 I want to thank the ANREPS team and in particular Tony for making a sensational effort in promoting my property for sale. Although many buyers were prepared to make offers I couldn't afford to accept them. I wasn't in the position to meet market price I guess even though Tony had told me what it was. I hate it because I was hoping to prove him wrong. Which just goes to show it's hard to beat a professional. Thanks again guys, I'll be back.

T M. Como.


Truly professional
I'd like to express my appreciation for the efficient and highly professional manner in you assisted us with the sale of our property. With ANREPS I have been pleasantly surprised to find a truly "professional" and effective service, delivered efficiently and at a realistic price.

Initially I selected ANREPS because they provided the mode of sale that I preferred and the price was realistic. However, I have found their service to be far superior to any other real estate agency I've dealt with.

Selling this property has been much easier and trouble free than any previous property sale. Many thanks.'

Canning Vale July 2009


Pure Gold!
'I have just finished selling my first house and it could not be easier. I looked around and spoke to heaps of Real Estate Agents - what I found was quite concerning, some evaluated too cheap some were over the top. What also bothered me was the amount of money they take as commission for selling YOUR house. So I decided to sell it myself - thus I found Anreps. And I sold my house in 24 hours. I have saved over $13,000 using the Anreps system - and it could not be easier. I have never done this before - thus as you can imagine I was a bit worried - but my thoughts were that I had nothing to lose and only money to gain. At the end of the day real estate agents will try and intimidate you by suggesting you cannot do it and they have some special marketing knowledge that takes decades to learn! The reality of the situation is that it cannot be easier. I would have no hesitation in fully recommending Anreps again in ANY housing transaction that I undertake. To all of you - give it a go - use Anreps'.

High Wycombe July 2009


Excellent service and preparation, fantastic photos of our property, very quick and we found that what they say, is what they do. I would recommend this service to anyone. Please keep up the good work. We personally would like to thank Tony and his staff f

Love the concept!

V & K Henare
Canning Vale


Smooth Running
Hi Lisa, Please accept my thanks to you and Dorothy. As expected, everything ran very smoothly .

We feel you provide an excellent service. Laura has been great, providing us with feedback. Your office staff, and Lisa in particular, are excellent - friendly and informative on the phone.

I wish more people were aware of your service..

Sue and Lester
I sing the praises of ANREPS at every opportunity. Laura is fantastic, I was never left waiting for return communications
Jacynth Cox
Extremely Impressed
Dear Laura

We are writing to personally thank you for your enormous assistance with the recent sale of our house. This is the first time we have used the ANREPS system and compared to our past experiences with conventional real estate agents, we couldn't be more pleased.

We were extremely impressed with your efficiency and professionalism. You and the entire ANREPS staff have also been very friendly and pleasant to deal with in what can be a fairly streeful time. We are quite delighted with the results, and the smooth manner in which the entire process has been handled. In all respects, from the phone handling and follow up service, to the signs and brochures, and the general support and genuine interest you and the other staff have shown, we have been really pleased. We would not hesitate to recommend ANREPS, and you personally,

E & T Jones
Caring attitude
Dear Laura

We would like to take this opportunity to express to you our sincere thanks for your kindness, consideration and professional approach to selling our property--and mostly for your caring attitude.

Rod & Barbara
Service with a smile
What a terrific service - very professional and a delight to deal with at all times. We found your staff warm, friendly and helpful and nothing was too much or too difficult.
Darren & Blanche


First time for me!
Laura's clear, commonsense assistance telling me exactly what would happen, when and how quickly it may happen and to be ready! Tips on how to show the house and garden to its best advantage were helpful too.

I appreciated being reminded about the final inspection 4 days before settlement and how to show the buyer around to check that the plumbing and power equipment was in working order.

Very best wishes to all your staff.

Quinns Rocks,
Great Savings; Great Service

'We would like to thank Laura for helping us sell our house. Selling your house is a very stressful time and the mechanics of achieving the sale can be quite convoluted. We visited the office in Como and spoke to Tony, who explained everything clearly. Laura was our agent and made the whole process easy. Her service was friendly and efficient, despite having to answer numerous silly questions! We estimate that we saved well over $10,000. We would recommend ANREPS if you are looking to sell.'

Brian and Rose


Truly professional
I'd like to express my appreciation for the efficient and highly professional manner with the sale of our property. With ANREPS I have been pleasantly surprised to find a truly "professional" and effective service, delivered efficiently and at a realistic price.

Initially I selected ANREPS because they provided the mode of sale that I preferred and the price was realistic. However, I have found their service to be far superior to any other real estate agency I've dealt with.

Selling this property has been much easier and trouble free than any previous property sale. Many thanks.'

Canning Vale
Pure Gold!
'I have just finished selling my first house and it could not be easier. I looked around and spoke to heaps of Real Estate Agents - what I found was quite concerning, some evaluated too cheap some were over the top. What also bothered me was the amount of money they take as commission for selling YOUR house. I found Anreps. And sold my house in 24 hours. I have saved over $13,000 using the Anreps system - and it could not be easier. I have never done this before - thus aS you can imagine I was a bit worried - but my thoughts were that I had nothing to lose and only money to gain. I would have no hesitation in fully recommending Anreps again in ANY housing transaction that I undertake. To all of you - use Anreps'.
High Wycombe
Dear Lisa and colleagues

What an organised group you are and how fortunate for me to have heard about you people. It looks like my dealings with you will be short lived (if all goes to plan that is) having accepted an offer on my property only 48hours of my home being advertised. How good is that!!! -

I cannot thank Tony enough for his expertise, support and professionalism.

I will certainly be recommending Anreps to anyone in the future - you offer such a great package and it has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

Thank you so much

Bibra Lake
I am writing to thank you and all the staff at ANREPS for your assistance in helping us sell our house recently. We have realised a selling price on our property at the top end of what we expected and certainly over market values suggested by a number of estate agents. I am certain that we would have not achieved our expectations without the invaluable help you and all your staff provided. We have always had excellent help from Real Estate Agents but your service was over and above what we have experienced in the past. I thought the advice and support you offered was second to none. You and your staff were always available to offer advice, information and encouragement in a most professional manner.

The obvious cash savings of your service were clearly important in us choosing to use your company. However, a number of other factors would be even more important to us in any future decisions we would make about who to sell our house with. The support and service you offered would be hard to better. Even though your costs are much lower than the usual agent fees, the service you offer is much better and more personalised than that offered through more traditional agencies. If your prices were the same as Estate Agents I think that dollar for dollar you gave us more time and energy. I also felt that I was dealing with a company who were looking after us in a personal way, rather than our property being just one of the many they had listed. Whilst I found that the first couple of times I opened the house were somewhat anxiety inducing, I would now choose to do this rather than have an agent open the house for us. I never found that anyone was "put off" by having the owner opening the house. In fact quite the opposite. Many people were pleased that they could ask me questions about actually living there. Agents, they said, were too remote to meaningfully talk about the property.

Most importantly, I soon began to feel in control of the sale of our property. I was hearing first hand what people liked and disliked about the house and so we were able to make informed decisions about how to market the house, how to prepare it for house open and whether the price was an accurate one. This latter was crucial in helping us stick to a realistic price and contributed to us getting the price we aimed for. Without that personal "handle" on the feedback I think we would have sold the house earlier for a significantly lower price. When an agent is selling several properties and may have a vested interest in selling a property quickly it is much harder to know how to interpret information that is coming through second hand.

When the bids started coming in you were always available to offer advice which was absolutely objective. Also I know that a number of buyers valued your advice to them and they perceived you as independent and objective. I certainly liked the fact that Tony was able to come to our house on a Sunday morning at short notice to advise on the finalisation of the offers we had received. We ended up having buyers competing to have us accept an offer and thus we were able to achieve a great price. Not only that but we got an ideal offer. No conditions attached to the offer, not even the need for financial approval, and a very healthy deposit.

We could not have done it without your help. And all your services for such a good price. I really wish you luck in the business. I can offer no better commendation other than to say that if we sell another house we would use you without hesitation and we will strongly recommend you to our friends who might be thinking of selling. Thank you again and the best of luck.

Steve A
Mount Lawley, WA
I would like to thank you for the caring and professional manner in which you listed our home for sale with ANREPS SuperSell, and in particular the way you handled any concern that came up with immediate action and efficiency. In this day and age it is unusual to deal with a Company that actually has your level of competency and caring. I include your administrator Lisa, who followed through on all aspects of the sales procedure most efficiently. She is a credit to your Company.

We were quite amazed that our home sold on the first day that it was opened, and how 'stress free' it was for us not having to continually contact you for information, as you were perpetually one step ahead of us on that area at all times. Thanks again Laura. I would have no hesitation in recommending you or your Company to my friends and family in the future.

Christina Taylor
Hocking, WA
All concerned are very efficient and courteous, responding quickly to all communications. The advice from Laura and the content of the manual is excellent with regards to processes and change of strategy when required.
Bruce D
The Home Marketing Guide is excellent with clear information and we had prompt service with good feedback.
I was impressed with the reliability of your service and the competitive cost. Your message service meant I wasn’t disturbed at work with constant phoning. I received clear information; well presented flyers and advertising board; and excellent assistance from my consultant. I will strongly recommend both Laura and ANREPS to my friends.
Just a short note to say how much I appreciated your extra-ordinary service – truly service above and beyond the call of duty.
Congratulations on your professionalism and thoroughness throughout our sale. An outstanding feature of your service was your help talking me through how to negotiate. As a result of following your advice everything fell into place. Our buyer was so impressed with the way everything was handled that she has decided to sell with you too. I only wish I had been able to buy my house through ANREPS as well.
Amy and Ed
Great system!
Thank you so much for yet another quick sale – an extremely happy customer three times over! Thank you!!
I would have no hesitation in using your services again, I was most impressed with your company’s structure and have mentioned it to many people as ‘the way to go’. Very professional, very competent – thanks again.
We have been very happy with our decision to sell our property with ANREPS and will recommend it to other people. We had no idea that we would receive the amount of service and support that was actually provided – everyone should know!
Melissa and Peter
Thanks for your no nonsense, simple approach.
Philip and Sonja
Prompt service, good feedback and excellent manuals with clear information. The office staff was helpful and efficient. Thanks ANREPS.
Highly recommendable! I can’t believe how it easy it has been to sell as any other rep would and save thousands of dollars.
Sarah and Drew
The whole service was conducted in a friendly but professional manner.
Alfred and Elvira
Lower Chittering
I recently sold my home with ANREPS and saved myself thousands of dollars in real estate fees. Their professional expertise and back up made the experience one I can thoroughly recommend and would not hesitate to use again. All the staff at ANREPS that I came into contact with was invaluable in making the sale of my home as stress free as possible.
Leanne has done an excellent job – very helpful and honest. We have enjoyed your friendly, efficient service.
High Wycombe
We need to thank you very much for your help and particularly the coup of getting the editorial in ‘The West”. Please pass onto the office our thanks for their assistance with brochures, phone calls and emails. Many thanks.

We are most satisfied with our result and recommend your firm all the time.

Nigel and Suzanne
Keep it up ANREPS! My consultant was very professional and my buyers appreciated the opportunity to talk to a company representative.
Margaret and Albert
An efficient, friendly, easy to use service and no pressure!
Pauline and Brian
An excellent service, we highly recommend it. We have sold twice with ANREPS and both times our consultant was great.
Wayne and Anette
Jane Brook
Good value for money and ethical. My offer came from the eastern states so my consultant’s help in faxing the documents and assisting the buyer made things a lot less stressful for me.
ANREPS turned what seemed a rather daunting task into a successful outcome and a positive experience. It was reassuring to have peace of mind with regard to legal requirements, strata plans and contract of sale documentation. With a licensed valuation and your expert assistance I was able to achieve the sale price I wanted.
Sue H
Terrific service – a lot more help than I expected! And we SAVED $22,000 in agents fees. What more can we say
Donna and Darren
Ascot Waters


This is to thank ANREPS for their assistance, professionalism and excellent service when we recently sold our home in Mount Pleasant. This is the second home we have sold this way and both times we received the top asking price. We have saved thousands in fees and knowing that ANREPS are on the other end of the phone at all times to handle any questions and give advice promotes confidence when dealing with buyers queries.

Thanks again for an excellent service.

Joy and Lance
Thank you for all your help and support during my sale of the property in Maddington. I’ve spoken with high regards for your business to all my friends. Thanks especially to Ken who was a great friend. I’m very happy in my new property.
Karyl P
The ‘back-up’ assistance was great. I knew I was not alone and help was only a phone call away.
Carmen W
Especially valuable was Leeanne’s advice when I had a couple of people making offers for the property at the same time. The advice on how to negotiate and close the sale just when I needed it was very helpful.
Jane L
Our consultant was able to provide detailed information on every aspect of selling our home. She contacted the people who viewed our home to gather feedback; screened our calls and emails, thus allowing our family to continue our daily routine with very little interruption. With two small children this factor was extremely important to us.
Krista and Jamie Gregory


I recently sold my house in Swan View with the help of Ken Lloyd and the ANREPS staff, who are all very professional. Their back-up was invaluable and the whole procedure was stress free — a very positive experience and I saved thousands of dollars in real estate fees.
Ann H
Our ANREPS’ consultant, was very friendly and professional and gave us all the advice we needed for a smooth sale. As it turned out, we sold our home after only two ‘home opens’ and saved ourselves over $5,000 in agent fees.
After dealing with ANREPS I cannot understand why anyone would ever enlist the services of a Real Estate company. My consultant was exceptional. Unlike dealing with a Real Estate Agent or that Agent’s firm, Laura did not play games. She was available to answer any question that I had, came to my first home open to show me the way and assisted me in all facets of the sale.

Contrary to my expectations buyers expressed their appreciation of dealing with the owner direct and not having to go through a third party.

I’m sure every client of ANREPS would repeat the selling experience if it were to occur, with ANREPS. I certainly will.

Rob and Colleen
We are greatly impressed
We successfully sold our house through ANREPS after only three weekends.

We were greatly impressed by our consultant's ability to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of our property and then present a complete selling strategy.

Our consultant Laura has kept us informed at every stage and liaised with our buyers to assist them in fulfilling their requirements. Her knowledge and expertise in writing the contracts was invaluable to all involved.

Cedric and Susan
Greenwood, WA
You have exceeded our expectations
We had heard great reports about the Anreps system, so when we decided that it was time to sell our house we made the decision to give them a call.

Laura’s service was impeccable and she was attentive to our needs all of the way through our sale. I was impressed with the way everything was handled and especially liked that we were made to feel a part of every step. When we sell again, we will definitely be using Anreps as now we have used them there is no turning back.

Comparing Anreps to a normal Real estate agent, the savings are great and their service is much better and more personalised. I would not hesitate in recommending Anreps to anyone, it has been a great experience and hardly any stress.

So Thank you to all of the team, you have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to dealing with you again some day.

Luke and Georgina Ballantine
Victoria Park

56 Carawather Mt Nasura

Hi Rebecca. Just to let you know we found that your advice was excellent, you kept us advised of progress of our buyers home sale and their buyers progress.  You presented all options for us to hopefully find a quicker sale.

But we are happy we stayed with the Thornlie offer as they seem to be a very nice couple.

 We found you to be a very friendly and efficient real estate agent and were able to answer our questions confidently.

We wish you all the best in your future.

Regards from Bill and Janice Darrah

I would like to express my thanks to Tony Wiles for his support, professionalism and integrity in his approach to assisting with the sale of my property. 

A year ago I placed my property on the market with another real estate firm. I made the selection after obtaining three market appraisals, and made the common mistake of selecting the agent who provided me with highest appraisal. I later learnt this is a strategy agents use to “buy” a listing.  After a few months, the agent reported that the property market was sluggish and the price should be dropped. After enlisting the services of a second real estate agent, he was not keen to do home opens and suggested an auction. After 6 months of frustration, I took my property off the market.

After doing some research, I came across ANREPS. Tony’s candid approach was refreshing. His honesty and realistic perspective inspired me to sell my property, even in a depressed market. He provided me with valuable home open tips, professional marketing material, and follow-up support. After only 4 weeks – property sold! The cost of the service was kept to a minimum, without compromising on quality. An exceptional service, I highly recommend it.

Much appreciated Tony – thank you!!!

Antoinette, COMO. 

 Good morning Tony. The fat lady has finished singing. We have sold and moved to new house over the weekend. Thanks for your care and attention with the total process of selling. Anreps are the go for selling your own home and real estate agents are a thing of the past for me. 

Peter and Lina Curry.