About Us

Founded in 1989 ANREPS was the first national company to offer home owners the ability to sell their home privately and save thousands in agent commissions.
The ANREPS story is a typical David and Goliath tale (ANREPS versus the Real Estate Industry) which we tell as a tribute to our clients and their buyers who kept faith with us through difficult times.
To those who shared our struggle, and to our customers we say a big “Thank You" for sticking with us through all the tough years and an even bigger “THANK YOU" for coming back to us time and time again.
Today ANREPS offers a range of services including Private Sales, Agency Sales and Property Management and we are still in there fighting for the little guy...you!!!
To read the full David and Goliath tale click here it's an interesting and eye-opening story of fear, greed and power.


Dorothy Lowrey, Licencee and Senior Property Manager.

Dorothy has over 26 years of experience in Sales and Property Management and currently manages our property management department.

Tony Wiles, General Manager.

Tony is the man to go to if you are looking to sell your home either privately or as an agency sale. Tony has a wealth of experience and has helped hundreds of people sell their home privately saving thousands in agents commissions. Tony co-founded Anreps with Dorothy in 1989.

Sean Lowrey, Property Manager.

Sean is a qualified property manager and recently completed his diploma and is now a licenced Real Estate & Business Agent. Sean was born in the UK and raised in Kenya East Africa and has the ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.