Tips and Hints

The 6 Universal Rules to Selling Real Estate Privately


1.    Give The Best Presentation Possible.

Quicker sales at better prices are consistently achieved by properties with better presentation than others in similar locations. The detail is what matters.

2.    Get The Best Internet Marketing.

Never rely on a single website. Be seen on all of the most viewed real estate websites in Western Australia  and never miss a buyer.                                 ,,,,,, etc

3.    Price Correctly.

Attracts more buyers. Attracts more Offers. Creates a competitive atmosphere amongst buyers. Makes negotiations relatively easy.

4.    Use Only Quality Photography.

Show buyers the best possible reason why they should come and have a look at your home. Don’t leave them to guess what it looks like. Make it a must see.

5.    Consider and Negotiate All Offers.

Negotiate every offer. Where it finishes is what counts. Not where it starts.

6.    Allways Ask for an Offer.                                                                                           

Be proactive and get the ball rolling. Nothing happens until a sale is agreed upon.